The early days…

Focusing young minds away from social media gossip, heartache, clothes, sport and instead directing attention toward the development of complex judgemental skills is not easy. Equally, there is no easy fix for motivating the quiet, the socially challenged, the literally weak, or the vulnerable.

Enter stage left – ‘Elicit Thinking’!

E>T started out as an attempt to provide ideas for tutor time activities and higher order tasks for teachers / educators to deliver in class. The thought was to send out regular ideas, from a bunch of professionals, that teachers might just come across when in need of a last minute key to activate young minds at the start of a day. The 140 characters provided by Twitter hopefully ensures that the essence of any idea is easy to see.

We do not claim that the ideas that are shared will be ground-breaking and we certainly do not claim any ideas will work for you unless they are assimilated with your own thinking and your own educational environment.

However, at the moment E.T is hosting topical articles that help us stay abreast of the national agenda and particularly developments in the use of technology in the classroom.



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